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Last update: 2024-01-25
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Learn how the Index Converter automatically converts existing AEM index definitions to be AEM as a Cloud Service compatible.


The Index Converter allows AEM developers to migrate existing custom Oak index definitions to AEM as a cloud service compatible custom Oak index definitions.

Index Converter only transforms Lucene type custom Oak index definitions which are present under /apps or /oak:index. It does not transform Lucene type indexes which are created for ‘nt:base.’ Additional definitions are not supported on AEM as a cloud service. And hence, they need to be converted to Oak index definitions first and they need to be migrated to custom Oak indexes.

The utility transforms custom Oak index definitions AEM version 6.3 onwards.

How the tool functions. The tool will parse the custom and corresponding out-of-the-box index definitions.

The delta is basically customizations done by the user in the out-of-the-box Oak definitions. It will validate the retrieved customizations as per AEM as as a cloud service compatible Oak index definitions guidelines.

It will merge the validated customizations of custom Oak index definitions to corresponding Oak index definitions.

At the end, it will rename the custom Oak index definitions and add custom at the end with hyphen one. That’s how AEM cloud services will identify that it’s a custom Oak indexes.

If there are more than one we’ll need to have an incremental value, which is like one, two, at the end. After successful completion of conversion manually, copy the converted index definitions to Oak index folder inside ui.apps packages. And also copy the index definition filters path from the generator filter.xml to the ui.apps package filter.xml file. With this you should be able to successfully convert your current Oak index definitions to third compatible Oak index definitions.

Quickly validate, checking the code, and deploy this code into the AEM and it’ll be able to validate the index definitions. -

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