Create batch configuration

To use a batch API, create a batch configuration and execute a run based on that configuration. The following video shows a demonstration of creating batch configuration using the API


Please make sure the AEM user belongs to

group to make API calls.

Create Batch Configuration

The following is the POST endpoint for creating Batch config


The following is the minimum configuration that needs to be specified when creating batch configuration. This needs to be passed as JSON object in the body of the HTTP request

	"configName": "monthlystatements",
	"dataSourceConfigUri": "/conf/batchapi/settings/forms/usc/batch/batchapitutorial",
	"outputTypes": [
	"template": "crx:///content/dam/formsanddocuments/formtemplates/custom_fonts.xdp"


Verify Batch configuration

To verify the successful creation of batch configuration, you can make a GET request call to the following endpoint


You only need to pass an empty JSON object in the body of the HTTP request

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