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Last update: 2024-01-24
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AEM Forms as a Cloud Service


Hi in this course, we will take a look at integrating forms AEM as a cloud service with Adobe Sign. As part of the course, we’ll also take a look at the use case where the user fills out a form and then signs using Adobe Sign. So, what we have here on the screen is a simple income declaration form, which allows the user to specify their various sources of income. And once the user has filled out the appropriate information, the user can click on this button to sign the authenticity of the information that was captured in the setup form. So, I’m going to click on this button to bring up the Adobe Sign interface.

So, in the background, a document is being generated with the information that was captured in this adaptive form. And I will be presented with an Adobe Sign interface to sign on this document. So here is the information that was captured from the adaptive form. And I’m going to click here by typing in my name here, John Jacobs and click on apply. And to complete the signing ceremony, I’m going to click here.

The document has been signed so every party who has signed in this document will receive a copy of the document and you can also download a copy of the document for your own record keeping purposes so the document is here and if I want I can download it from here. So, I’m sure you will find the course useful in integrating AEM forms with Adobe Sign - -

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