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Last update: 2024-01-25
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Download and unzip the zip file

Launch Eclipse and import the project into Eclipse
The project includes the following files in the resources folder:

  • DataFile1,DataFile2, and DataFile3 - Sample xml data files to be merged with the template to generate the final PDF file
  • custom_fonts.xdp - XDP template.
  • service_token.json - You will have to replace the contents of this file with your account specific credentials
  • options.json - The options specified in this file are used to set the properties of the PDF file generated by the API


Test the solution

  • Copy and paste your service credentials in the service_token.json resource file in the project.
  • Open the file and specify the folder in which you want to save the generated PDF files
  • Open Set the value of the variable postURL to point to your instance.
  • Run the as java application

The very first time you run the java program you will get HTTP 403 error. To get past this make sure you give the appropriate permissions to the technical account user in AEM.

AEM Forms Users is the role I have used for this course.

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