Debugging AEM as a Cloud Service with Repository Browser

Repository Browser is a powerful tool that provides visibility into AEM’s underlying data store, allowing for easy debugging of AEM as a Cloud Service environment. Repository Browser supports a read-only view of the resources and properties of AEM on Production, Stage, and Development, as well as Author, Publish, and Preview services.

Repository Browser is ONLY available on AEM as a Cloud Service environments (use CRXDE Lite to debug the local AEM SDK).

Accessing Repository Browser

To access Repository Browser on AEM as a Cloud Service:

  1. Ensure that your user has the required access
  2. Log in to Cloud Manager
  3. Select the Program containing the AEM as a Cloud Service environment to debug
  4. Open the Developer Console corresponding to the AEM as a Cloud Service environment to debug
  5. Select the Repository Browser tab
  6. Select the AEM service tier to browse
    • All Authors
    • All Publishers
    • All Previews
  7. Select Open Repository Browser

The Repository Browser opens for the selected service tier (Author, Publish, or Preview) in a read-only mode, displaying resources and properties your user has access to.

Publish and Preview access

By default, access to Publish or Preview is limited, reducing the available resources in Repository Browser. To view all resources on Publish (or Preview) add users to a Publish (or Preview) Administrators role.

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