Integrate Workfront and AEM Assets with the enhanced connector

AEM Assets as a Cloud Service, AEM Assets 6.5

AEM Experts Series

Join Adobe’s Workfront and Experience Manager Assets experts in this four part videos series, as they demonstrate and discuss the ins and outs of integrating Workfront and AEM Assets using the enhanced connector.

This four part expert series follows a group of Adobe experts - from product managers, to consultants, and Adobe partners - discussing:

  1. Performing the initial setup configurations in Workfront and AEM
  2. Configuring metadata sync between Workfront custom forms and AEM
  3. Using AEM Tags, project linked folders, Adobe Asset Link and folder metadata schemas to maximize value
  4. Using advanced AEM workflow to streamline business processes across AEM and Workfront, and other advanced settings
Setup and initial configuration

Learn how to set up and perform the initial configuration of the Workfront for Experience Manager enhanced connector.

Workfront custom forms and metadata mapping

Learn about Workfront custom forms and how they are mapped to Experience Manager Assets metadata schemas to sync data.

AEM Tags, project linked folders, and folder metadata

Learn how to drive AEM taxonomy from Workfront, use project linked folders, and data to AEM asset folder metadata.

Advanced settings and workflows

Learn how about advanced settings for the Workfront for AEM enhanced connector, manage data sync using advanced workflows.

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