Using Asset Catalog with AEM Commerce and InDesign Server

AEM 6.4 Catalog enhancement provides the capability to create catalog pages using AEM Asset Templates and InDesign Server. A user can create a catalog page using the InDesign template and map product properties to editable fields, which can be later used to create similar pages for different products.


Your InDesign server should be running before uploading .indd files to AEM Assets.

  • Creative users can tag content with an InDesign file. InDesign file with tagged content, when uploaded to AEM Assets, would be identified as Editable Fields.
  • A user can create a Catalog page using a .indd file. Tagged content within the .indd file would be available as Editable fields, thereby giving content authors the ability to modify content for these fields.
  • Product properties can be mapped to Editable Fields provided their field type matches.
  • Catalog pages for similar products can be easily created.
  • Ability to merge different catalog pages into a single PDF or .indd file

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