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Last update: 2024-01-25
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Learn how Assets Essentials’ Share Link allows users to share assets with internal and external stakeholders while minimizing the risk of sharing wrong assets or information.


Asset Essentials share link capability, lets users share assets and folders with internal and external stakeholders. Most notably the recipients of the share link, do not need Asset Essentials accounts. This specially generated share link, is enough to authenticate them with the access to the shared assets. To create a share link, simply log into Asset Essentials, and locate and select the assets or folders to share.

When finished with the selection, tap Share Link from the top action bar, and the share link modal displays.

This modal shows the assets and folders to be shared on the right, and on the left, the links expiration date can be selected. Meaning, after this date, the share link is no longer usable. When happy with the share link configuration select the Generate Link button.

This link can now be shared with anybody that requires access to these assets. So let’s take a look at the experience of a recipient of the shared link. For this, let’s open a new browser, that’s not logged into Adobe Experience cloud at all, which includes Asset Essentials. We’ll paste the share link in this browser, and we’re taken to the web preview of the shared assets and folders without any need to log in. Since the shared link you’re itself, acts as our authentication and authorization.

We can click into image assets for a clear review of them, and we can navigate into shared folders, and preview any assets there in as well.

Assets can be selected for download. Simply select the download icon, and you’ll notice that because this asset was small, the download started automatically.

We can verify it downloaded to our local file system, And here it is.

If the assets for download are larger, the download will be queued.

And when ready, the download is made available via the download inbox.

The download inbox, shows the assets that were queued for download, along with their status and what assets are part of the download. We can download any of these entries, by simply tapping the download button. So as you can see, as an asset essential share link, provides a quick way to simplify collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. It also minimizes risk of sharing wrong assets, or information about the assets, such as the wrong asset version or metadata. -

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