What is HTL?

Formerly Known As Sightly

Updated: August 2016

HTML Template Language (also referred to as HTL) is Adobe Experience Manager’s preferred and recommended server-side template system for HTML. As in all HTML server-side templating systems, a HTL file defines the output sent to the browser by specifying the HTML itself, some basic presentation logic and variables to be evaluated at runtime.

In AEM 6.0 and 6.1 HTL was referred to as Sightly. Adobe has renamed it to “HTML Template Language” to clarify what the specification is for and to align with Adobe’s naming guidelines in general. This naming change was effective as of August 2016 and applies to AEM version 6.0 and forward.


This naming change does not impact code or the API, therefore compatibility is not affected. For more information please refer to this announcement video.

To find out more about HTL and a great place to begin is our official Getting Started with HTML Templating Language (HTL) Guide.

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