Understanding the AEM User Interface

Last update: 2023-03-20
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Learn about managing assets, files, and folders in the XML Editor for Experience Manager.

Accessing the XML Editor

  1. In the login screen, enter your username and password, and select Sign In.
  2. Select XML Editor from the AEM Navigation page.

XML Editor Views

From the sidebar, you can choose from multiple views for the XML Editor to best suit your organizational needs. These include the default view and Repository View.

The default view displays your Favorites. You can further customize it with shortcuts as needed. Conversely, the Repository View displays a more traditional folder structure.

Switching to the Repository View from the default view

  1. In the left rail, select Repository View.

    Repository icon

    The Repository View displays.

The Assets UI

In the Assets interface, you can view

Viewing content in the Assets UI

You can perform additional actions with your content. One of these options is to view your file in the Assets UI.

  1. Hover over a folder or topic in the Repository and select the ellipsis icon that displays.

    Ellipsis icon

    The Options menu displays.

  2. From the menu, select View in Assets UI.

    View in Assets UI

Selecting a view

You can choose from multiple views for the Assets UI to best suit your organizational needs.

  1. Select the View Switcher icon in the upper right corner.

    View switcher icon

    A dropdown menu displays.

  2. Select the view you want to work with.

Assets UI Views

Name Description
Card View Displays each asset as an icon
Column View Displays assets in a condensed, expandable folder structure
List View Displays assets in a list, along with their details

Returning to the XML Editor

You can return to the XML Editor from any view of the Assets UI.

Returning from List and Column View

  1. Select the topic you want to edit from the list.
    The topic displays in the Assets UI.
  2. Select Edit from the top toolbar.
    You are returned to the XML Editor.

Returning from Card View

  1. Select the pencil icon on a topic in the Assets UI.

    Pencil icon

    You are returned to the XML Editor.

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