Creating and Managing Displays in Screens as a Cloud Service

Once you have published your channel, it is now time to create display in Screens Services Provider.

A Display is a virtual grouping of screens that are usually positioned next to each other. The display is usually permanent in respect to an installation. This will be the object content authors will work with and always reference to as logical display rather than their physical counter part(s).


This document helps you understand how to create and manage displays in Screens Services Provider. After reading you should:

  • Understand how to create displays.

Steps to Create a Display

Follow the steps below to create the display from Screens Services Provider:

  1. Navigate to Screens Services Provider from your AEM Cloud Service instance.

  2. Select Displays from the left navigation panel and click on Create from the top right corner of the screen.


  3. Select Display from the action bar.


  4. Enter the title as LoopingChannelDisplay in Display Name and click on Create.


  5. The display titled as LoopingChannelDisplay will now be visible in the display list.


Deleting a Display

You can delete a display from Screens Services Provider.

Select the display and click on Delete from the bottom of the panel, as shown in the figure below.


What’s Next

Now, that you have learnt how to create and manage displays for your project, you should continue your Screens as a Cloud Service journey by next reviewing the document Assigning Channel to a Display in Screens as a Cloud Service.

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