Source Code Repository

Cloud Manager program will come auto-provisioned with it’s own git repository.

For a user to access the Cloud Manager git repository, users will need to use a Git client with a command-line tool, a standalone visual Git client, or the user’s IDE such as Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans.

Once a Git client is set up, you can manage your git repository from the Cloud Manager UI. To learn about how to manage Git using Cloud Manager UI, refer to Accessing Git.

To begin developing the AEM Cloud application, a local copy of the application code must be made by checking it out from the Cloud Manager repository to a location on their local computer where they wish to create their repository.

$ git clone {URL}

A user can check out a copy of their code, and make changes in the local code repository. When ready, the user can commit their code changes back to the remote code repository in Cloud Manager.

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