Add Users and Roles

Many features in Cloud Manager require specific permissions to operate. For example, only certain users are allowed to set the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a program. These permissions are logically grouped into roles.

Cloud Manager currently defines four roles for users which govern the availability of specific features:

  • Business Owner
  • Program Manager
  • Deployment Manager
  • Developer

To use Cloud Manager, you must have an Adobe ID and the Adobe Managed Services Product Context.

Role Definitions


The Developer persona in Admin Console is unrelated to the Developer role in Cloud Manager.

The following table summarizes the roles:

Cloud Manager Roles Description
Business Owner Responsible for defining KPIs, approving production deployments and overriding important 3-tier failures.
Program Manager Uses Cloud Manager to perform team setup, review status and view KPIs. Can approve important 3-tier failures.
Deployment Manager Manages deployment operations. Uses Cloud Manager to execute stage/production deployments. Can edit CI/CD Pipelines. Can approve important 3-tier failures. Can get access to the Git repository.
Developer Develops and tests custom application code. Primarily uses Cloud Manager to view status. Can get access to the Git repository for code commit.
Content Author Generally does not interact with Cloud Manager. May use Cloud Manager Program Switcher (having navigated from Experience Cloud) to access AEM.

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