System Administrator Tasks

System Administrators manage all aspects of their users, from access to permissions. This user is the first person to have access to start doing tasks within Admin Console and Cloud Manager.
A System Administrator performs the following organizational tasks:

  • Adding Users
  • Assigning users to Cloud Manager roles and permissions

Adding Users


You must be a System Administrator to add a user.

  1. If you are a System Administrator, navigate to the Admin Console. Alternatively, you can also navigate to Cloud Manager where you will see the Manage Access button, as described below.

  2. Click on Manage Access button, located on the top right of the Cloud Manager landing page, to open Admin Console in a new tab.

    From the Admin Console, you can add users to Cloud Manager and assign them to Role(s), referred to as Product Profiles in Admin Console.

  3. Select Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service from Products and services card as shown below.

  4. Select the Users tab from the action bar and then select Add User.

  5. Select the user and assign appropriate Cloud Manager Role(s) or Product Profile(s) to the user, as shown below.


    Refer to Cloud Manager Roles to learn more about roles and permissions offered in Cloud Manager.

    Now, you have added users to Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service Product Context and are setup with the right Roles or Product Profiles.

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