Onboarding Journey

Exploring the Onboarding Journey

You will explore many topics in this journey. The following articles give you foundational knowledge of the onboarding steps for AEM as a Cloud Service. Although you can go directly to a particular part of the journey, many concepts build on ones in previous articles. Therefore if you are new to onboarding, we recommend that you start at the beginning and progress sequentially.

# Article Description
0 Onboarding Journey This document
1 Learn Onboarding Concepts, such as:
System Administrator
Admin Console
Adobe Identity Management System
Adobe ID
Introduction to Cloud Manager
AEM as a Cloud Service Team and Product Profiles
Contacting Adobe Support
Learn about onboarding concepts.
2 Getting Started with Onboarding Learn about logging into Admin Console and checking your profile as a System Administrator
3 Assign Team Members to Cloud Manager Product Profiles Review Cloud Manager Product Profiles and learn how to assign team members to Cloud Manager Product profiles.
4 Setup Cloud Resources via Cloud Manager Learn how your cloud resources are created and who can do it. Additionally, learn how your cloud programs and environments are created.
5 Assign Team Members to AEM as a Cloud Service Product Profiles Learn how System Administrator assign your team members to AEM as a Cloud Service product profiles.
6 Learning Path for AEM Developers and Deployment Managers Learn how as a Developer you can access and manage Cloud Manager Git and how as a Deployment Manager you can setup pipelines and deploy code in Cloud Manager.
7 Learning Path for AEM Users Learn how as an AEM author you can access AEM as a Cloud Service instance and get familiar with authoring content for AEM as a Cloud Service.

What’s Next

You are now ready to get started on your Onboarding Journey. We encourage you to continue on to the next part of the journey and read the article Getting Starting with Onboarding Process.

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