Learning Path for Developers and Deployment Managers


This document helps your Developers and Deployment Managers get access to Cloud Manager and become familiar with how they can prepare for their learning path.

After reading this document, you should:

  • As a Developer, be able to understand how to access and manage Cloud Manager Git
  • As a Deployment Manager, be able to understand how to set up pipelines and deploy your code in Cloud Manager


If you are reading this section, then you are likely assigned to a Developer or Deployment Manager product profile and are ready to onboard and continue your learning path.

  • As a Developer, you will want to login to Cloud Manager and familiarize yourself with accessing Git.
  • As a Deployment Manager, you will want to familiarize yourself with how to setup pipelines and even deploy code.


Before you start, ensure:

  • Your system administrator has assigned Developers and Deployment Managers to their respective product profiles. Developers must additionally be assigned to AEM Users or AEM Administrators product profile.
  • Cloud resources have been setup.
  • You understand how to navigate and log in to Cloud Manager

Manage GitHub

You can access and manage your Git Repository using Self-Service Git Account Management from Cloud Manager UI.
To learn more on this topic, see Accessing Git.

Setup Pipeline

You can configure your Production or Non-Production Pipeline from Cloud Manager UI.
To learn more on this topic, see Configuring your CI-CD Pipeline.

What’s Next

Developer and Deployment Managers are now ready to get familiar with how to develop code in AEM as a Cloud Service. Learn more or find more learning paths under the Additional Resources section below. To learn about the learning journey for Content Authors, see Learning Path for AEM Authors.


Now that you are onboarded, you can learn how to easily add the AEM Reference Demos Add-On to a sandbox environment with minimal AEM configuration and be able to test the powerful features of AEM with rich examples based on best-practices.

Additional Resources

Experience League Courses

Follow the experience league courses to learn more. Please ensure you are signed up to access the courses:

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