Learning Path for AEM Users


This document helps your AEM as a Cloud Service Content Authors to get access to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

After reading you should understand how to:

  • Access Cloud Manager
  • Access AEM as a Cloud Service instance
  • Author content for AEM as a Cloud Service


Accessing AEM as a Cloud Service is an important first step in the AEM cloud journey for Content Authors and AEM Users. Having timely access means that you do not lose out on productivity and your end users are that much closer to transformative digital experiences.

Every member of your team assigned to AEM User product profile by your system administrator will have (readonly) access to Cloud Manager. Of course, if these users have also been assigned to Cloud Manager Product Profiles, then they will have the sum of these permissions across AEM as a Cloud Service and Cloud Manager.


Your System Administrator must have completed all of the necessary steps and successfully assigned you to AEM Users product profile when setting up your AEM as a Cloud Service team.

Log in to Author

Follow the steps below to access Author:

  1. Navigate directly to Cloud Manager’s login page from my.cloudmanager.adobe.com.


    Please bookmark my.cloudmanager.adobe.com link for future reference and to help you navigate directly to Cloud Manager’s landing page.

  2. Select the program from Cloud Manager’s Programs and Products page to launch the Overview page.

  3. From the Overview page in Cloud Manager, click on the author link from the Environments card.

  4. This will open a new tab where you can login to author environment using your Adobe ID.

    Congratulations! You have now successfully logged in to Author.

What’s Next

You are now ready for authoring and publishing AEM pages. Learn more or find more learning paths under the Additional Resources section below.

Additional Resources

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