Learn about defining Metadata and Tagging for Content Fragments

Last update: 2023-08-16

The Story so Far

At the beginning of the AEM Headless Content Author Journey the Introduction covered the basic concepts and terminology relevant to authoring for headless.

In the previous step you were introduced to the use of references for Headless CMS Authoring. You learned what sorts of references are available, and what are their purposes: Content References, Asset/Media References, and Fragment References.

This article builds on these so you understand how to use metadata and tagging to author your own content for your AEM headless project.


  • Audience: Advanced
  • Objective: Introduce the use of metadata and tagging for Headless CMS Authoring.

Adding Metadata and Tags

You can add metadata and tags from the right panel of the Content Fragment Editor:

Content Fragment Editor - Alaska Spirits

What’s Next

Now you can put all this knowledge to use and start creating Content Fragments for your project.

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