Add Users and Roles

Many features in Cloud Manager require specific permissions to operate. For example, only certain users are allowed to set the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a program. These permissions are logically grouped into roles.

Cloud Manager currently defines four roles for users which govern the availability of specific features:

  • Business Owner
  • Program Manager
  • Deployment Manager
  • Developer

To use Cloud Manager, you must have an Adobe ID and the Adobe Managed Services Product Context.

Role Definitions


The Developer persona in Admin Console is unrelated to the Developer role in Cloud Manager.

The following table summarizes the roles:

Cloud Manager Roles Description
Business Owner Responsible for defining KPIs, approving production deployments and overriding important 3-tier failures.
Program Manager Uses Cloud Manager to perform team setup, review status and view KPIs. Can approve important 3-tier failures.
Deployment Manager Manages deployment operations. Uses Cloud Manager to execute stage/production deployments. Can edit CI/CD Pipelines. Can approve important 3-tier failures. Can get access to the Git repository.
Developer Develops and tests custom application code. Primarily uses Cloud Manager to view status. Can get access to the Git repository for code commit.
Customer Success Engineer Generally supports customer success for AMS customers. Interacts with Cloud Manager for the purpose of executing deployments which require CSE oversight.
Content Author Generally does not interact with Cloud Manager. May use Cloud Manager Program Switcher (having navigated from Experience Cloud) to access AEM.

Using Admin Console to Create a Profile

Roles are managed for Cloud Manager from the Adobe Admin Console. Specific role memberships are provided by adding the user to a Cloud Manager Product Profile in Admin Console.

You can assign specific role memberships by adding the user to a Cloud Manager Product Profile in the Adobe Admin Console, a central location for managing your Adobe entitlements across your entire organization. To learn more about the Adobe Admin Console, see the documentation for Admin Console.


To acces the admin console and set up your team (users and roles), open a browser and visit

In order to provide the appropriate role-based permissions to Cloud Manager users, an administrator in the customer’s Organization, must create new Product Profiles under the AEM Managed Services Product Context.

To provide the appropriate role-based permissions to Cloud Manager users, as an administrator you must create four new Product Profiles under the AEM Managed Services Product Context corresponding to each of the four Cloud Manager roles:

  • Business Owner
  • Deployment Manager
  • Developer
  • Program Manager

You can create, or add, users/groups to these Product Profiles with the Admin Console for Cloud Manager, as shown in the figure below:

  1. Log in to Admin console and click New Profile to add a new profile.

  2. Fill in the fields to set up a new role for Cloud Manager.

    Enter Profile Name, Display Name to create a new profile. Additionally, you can select a Permission Group for the profile.

    Click Done to complete the profile creation step.


    When creating these product profiles, the Display Name must be the technical value defined by Cloud Manager (see table below). The Profile Name can be anything, although to avoid confusion it is recommended to use the values in the Recommended Profile Name column below. To do this, when creating the Product Profile, uncheck the Same as Profile Name and specify the corresponding value as the Display Name.

    Role Display Name (Required) Recommended Profile Name
    Business Owner CM_BUSINESS_OWNER_ROLE_PROFILE Cloud Manager - Business Owner Role
    Deployment Manager CM_DEPLOYMENT_MANAGER_ROLE_PROFILE Cloud Manager - Deployment Manager Role
    Developer CM_DEVELOPER_ROLE_PROFILE Cloud Manager - Developer Role
    Program Manager CM_PROGRAM_MANAGER_ROLE_PROFILE Cloud Manager - Program Manager Role

  3. Once you create product profile, you can add users (or groups) to these Product Profiles.

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