Release Notes for 2020.6.0

The following section outlines the general Release Notes for Cloud Manager Release 2020.6.0.

Release Date

The Release Date for Cloud Manager Version 2020.6.0 is June 04, 2020.

What’s New

  • Coach marks on the landing page to inform and instruct the user about basic navigation.

  • A LEARN page is now available in Cloud Manager, accessible via the top navigation. This page includes resources to help users learn about the most frequently used work-flows as relevant to their roles assigned in Cloud Manager.

  • The maximum value for the Assets 95th Percentile Processing Time has been increased to 500 seconds.

  • The Build log now includes the list of discovered artifacts, including skipped content packages.

  • The Build step now validates that all of the generated content packages include all mandatory properties – name, group and version.

Bug Fixes

  • When configuring the production pipeline, the Scheduled Deployment option was not visible for some customers.

  • Certain deployment messages were truncated.

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