Evaluation Phase

The first phase in the Product Update wizard is Evaluation phase.
Here you can assess the upgrade complexity with the pattern detector accessible to you directly from the wizard. At the end of this step, you will have access to the evaluation report.

The generated report allows you to check the Author instance for upgrade by detecting patterns that:

  • Violate certain rules and are done in areas that will be affected or overwritten by the upgrade.

  • Use an AEM 6.x feature or an API that is not backwards compatible on the new AEM and can potentially break after upgrade.

This serves as an assessment of the development effort that is involved in upgrading to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.5.


To learn more about pattern detector, refer to Assessing the Upgrade Complexity with the Pattern Detector

Running the Evaluator

Follow the steps below to generate evaluation report:

  1. Click on Run Evaluation.


    The pattern detector can run on any environment. However, in order to increase detection rate and avoid any slowdowns on business critical instances, Cloud Manager will run it on staging environment on the author instance.

  2. The wizard informs you of the status of your action. You will notice In progress or completed as applicable when the evaluation report is being generated.

    Once the report is generated, you can click on Download report to save a copy.


    The current release of Product Update wizard in Cloud Manager supports the Evaluation phase only. The other four phases namely Remediation, Execution, Validation, and Completion are coming soon.

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