Key Concepts

This page describes some basic terminology used in Cloud Manager. We strongly recommend you read this page before reviewing the rest of the Cloud Manager documentation.

Application The set of customizations and configurations created by a customer in order to adapt the underlying solution for their specific use cases and needs. An application is a logical unit which may be composed of multiple artifacts.

For example, We.Retail.

Artifact A deployable unit. The result of some build process which transforms source code into a single unit. For example a Zip file containing the source code.

Artifact Repository A storage location where customer-specific artifacts are saved and secured.

Environment A single cluster of virtual machines within a program. For AEM, this is composed of an author instance (optionally with an additional cold standby author instance), zero or more publish instances, one or more dispatcher instances, and a load balancer.

Git Repository A location where customer-specific source code is stored, accessible using the Git protocol.

Instance A specific virtual server running the AEM solution. Instances represent a single logical unit from a deployment perspective.

Organization Adobe construct representing an Enterprise customer. One company may have multiple organizations depending on how they were originally provisioned in Adobe’s Identity Management System.

Pipeline A set of deployment steps which are executed in sequence.

Product A specific set of functionality within a solution licensed by an organization. Different programs within an organization may be entitled to different sets of products. For example, Sites, Assets or Forms.

Program A set of environments that support a logical grouping of customer initiatives, usually corresponding to a purchased Service Level Agreements (SLA). Each program has exactly one production environment and may have many non-production environments.

Solution One of the Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. For example, Adobe Experience Manager, or Adobe Target, or Adobe Analytics.

Step A configured instruction set that accomplishes some unit of work, building block of a pipeline.

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