Role Based Permissions

Cloud Manager has pre-configured roles with appropriate permissions. For example, a developer develops code and has the permission to push the code to the git repository. A business owner has different permissions allowing them to define the key performance indicators (KPIs) and approve deployments.

User Roles

Role management for Cloud Manager is done using the Admin Console. Any user of Cloud Manager must be a member of the customer’s IMS organization and have the Adobe Managed Services Product Context. Specific role memberships are provided by adding the user to a Cloud Manager product profile in the Admin Console.

To learn more about how to setup your roles see the document Setting Up Users and Roles.

This table lists the roles you can assign in the Admin Console.

Cloud Manager Role Description
Business Owner This is the primary user who completes the initial Cloud Manager setup and is responsible for defining KPIs, approving production deployments, and overriding important 3-tier failures when necessary.
Program Manager This user uses Cloud Manager to perform team setup, review status, view KPIs, and may approve important 3-tier failures when necessary.
Deployment Manager This user manages the deployment operations using Cloud Manager to execute stage and production deployments, may approve important 3-tier failures when necessary, and has access to the git repository.
Developer This user develops and tests custom application code, primarily uses Cloud Manager to view deployment status, and has commit access to the git repository.
Customer Success Engineer This user generally supports customer success for AMS customers and interacts with Cloud Manager for the purpose of executing deployments which require Customer Success Engineer (CSE) oversight.
Content Author This user generally does not interact with Cloud Manager, but may use the Cloud Manager program wwitcher (having navigated from Experience Cloud) to access Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

User Permissions

Each of the roles have specific associated preconfigured permissions. This table lists the permissions available and the roles who can execute them.

Permission Description Business Owner Deployment Manager Program Manager Developer CSE
Read Application Read program KPIs x x x x x
Write Application Program setup or edit x
Add Program Add new program x
Read Environment See environment details x x x x x
Create Execution Start pipeline x x x
Read Execution See execution status x x x x x
Resume Execution Can resume execution when paused x x x x
Execution Approve Deploy to Production Provide go-live approval x x x
Execution Schedule Deploy to Production Schedule production deployment x x x x
Execution Deploy to Production Deploy application to production when paused for CSE oversight x
Execution Cancel Cancel current execution x
Execution Override Quality Gate Failures Approve important quality gate failures x x x
Pipeline Create Set up / edit pipeline x
Pipeline Read See pipeline details x x x x x
Pipeline Write Set up / edit pipeline. x
Pipeline Modify Approval Allows editing the Business Owner option x
Pipeline Modify Managed Deployment Allows editing of the CSE oversight option x
Pipeline Delete Allows pipeline deletion x
Step Read See the step quality metrics results x x x x x
Generate Personal Access Token Access git x x

To learn more about how to setup your users see the document Setting Up Users and Roles.

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