Release Notes for 2020.5.0

The following section outlines the general Release Notes for Cloud Manager Release 2020.5.0.

Release Date

The Release Date for Cloud Manager Version 2020.5.0 is May 07, 2020.

What’s New

  • Six additional code quality rules have been added to help customers identify potential issues when planning a migration to Cloud Service.

  • A new metric Cloud Service Compatibility has been added to summarize the number of compatibility-related issues.

  • The performance of the Activity page and the Pipeline Executions List API has been improved.

  • The code quality log now contains complete stack traces for exceptions.

Bug Fixes

  • A misleading card was displayed on the overview page while the production pipeline was running.

  • The DontImplementOrExtendProviderTypesPomCheck code quality rule could sometimes produce a Null Pointer Exception.

  • Some documentation links from the overview page did not work correctly.

  • Certain cards on the overview page did not display entity names correctly.

  • Certain topology configurations would cause the performance testing step to generate an error, rather than reporting missing metrics.

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