Release Notes for 2020.11.0

The following section outlines the general Release Notes for Cloud Manager Release 2020.11.0.

Release Date

The Release Date for Cloud Manager Version 2020.11.0 is November 12, 2020.

What’s New

  • The Learn tab in Cloud Manager is refreshed with new images in the UI.

Bug Fixes

  • Certain customer-caused deployment errors will now be surfaced explicitly in the deployment logs.

  • The loading of dependencies done prior to build execution required downloading a Maven plugin.

  • The link from the Cloud Manager footer to select a language will now navigate to the correct location.

  • Sometimes during the code scanning, the SonarQube process would not start. This will now be auto-detected and a restart attempted.

  • During the site crawling process used in performance testing, requests which time out in the first three levels of depth traversal will be automatically retried.

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