Release Notes for 2020.1.0

The following section outlines the general Release Notes for Cloud Manager Release 2020.1.0 and adds updates to accessing Git credentials and the login experience.

Release Date

The Release Date for Cloud Manager Version 2020.1.0 is January 16, 2020.

What’s New

  • Git credentials can now be obtained from inside the Cloud Manager user interface. Refer to Accessing Git for more details.
  • The login experience and URL structure has changed as part of an Adobe-wide initiative. Old bookmarks will redirect to the new URLs.

Bug Fixes

  • Deployments to author-only topologies did not deploy dispatcher configuration changes.
  • In certain configurations, a code quality only pipeline could not be created.
  • The environment summary card on the overview page did not render correctly sometimes.
  • Pipeline executions could timeout on large topologies.

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