Release Notes for 2018.9.0

Last update: 2022-07-06
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The Cloud Manager 2018.9.0 Release adds support for an Adobe I/O-based API, including Events, for integrating Cloud Manager’s CI/CD pipeline with other systems. It also begins the rewrite of the UI layer in React.

Release Date

The Release Date for Cloud Manager Version 2018.9.0 is November 01, 2018.

What’s New

  • CI/CD Pipeline - New API and Event system for integrating Cloud Manager’s CI/CD pipeline with other systems. Please refer to Cloud Manager API Documentation ( for more information.

  • UI - Introduction of new UI layer which is more responsive.

Bug Fixes

  • In Cloud Manager 2018.8.0, the Activity page durations were listed in minutes and hours, but that information was not reflected in the table header.
  • On rare occasions, customers were unable to start the new application project wizard.
  • The button label in the new application project wizard dialog was misleading.
  • In some circumstances, clicking the Details button from the Activity page would redirect to the Overview page.
  • Some rare and unexpected circumstances resulted in a missing card on the Overview page.
  • The Assets icon was displayed on the Program List page for all customers.
  • When there were back end failures, sometimes a pipeline execution would appear to remain in the Validate step.
  • In certain circumstances, the length of the program description was miscalculated.

Known Issues

  • Branches created using the Application Project Wizard cannot contain dashes.
  • The Adobe Experience Cloud Notification sidebar may not load notifications consistently. Notifications, however, are visible in the Adobe Experience Cloud and, if configured, will be still sent via email.

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