Frequently Asked Questions

The Brand Portal FAQs focuses on the end-users queries and issues they might encounter while working with the latest AEM Assets Brand Portal 6.4.6 release or earlier versions.

Brand Portal 6.4.6 FAQs

Ques. The existing legacy OAuth endpoint ( is not working. What could be the possible reason?

Ans. Legacy OAuth configuration is deprecated. You must upgrade AEM Assets author instances to the latest service pack and configure it via Adobe Developer Console. See Configure AEM Assets with Brand Portal for details. However, for Legacy OAuth configuration to work until you upgrade, update the Legacy OAuth endpoint to

Ques. I am not able to publish the contribution folder’s assets from Brand Portal to AEM Assets after upgrading to Adobe Developer Console. My author instance is on AEM 6.5.4. What could be the possible reason?

Ans. Yes, there is a known issue while publishing contribution folder’s assets to AEM Assets on AEM 6.5.4 via Adobe Developer Console.

The issue is fixed in AEM 6.5.5. You can upgrade your AEM Assets instance to the latest service pack AEM 6.5.5 and upgrade your configurations on Adobe Developer Console.

For immediate fix on AEM 6.5.4, it is recommended to download the hotfix and install on your AEM author instance.

Ques. I do not see the contribution folder’s content published from Brand Portal in AEM Assets. What could be the possible reason?

Ans. Contact your AEM Assets administrator to verify the configurations and ensure that your Brand Portal tenant is configured with only one AEM Assets author instance.

This issue possibly occurs when you have configured a Brand Portal tenant on multiple AEM Assets author instances. For example, the administrator configures the same Brand Portal tenant on the AEM Assets author instance of staging and production environment. In this case, the asset publishing triggers in Brand Portal but the AEM Assets author instance could not import the asset coz the replication agent does not receive the requesting token.

Ques. I am unable to publish assets from AEM Assets to Brand Portal. The replication log states that the connection timed out. Is there a quick fix?

Ans. Usually the publishing fails with a timeout error if there are multiple pending requests in the replication queue. To resolve this issue, ensure that the replication agents are configured to avoid timeout.

Perform the following steps to configure the replication agent:

  1. Log in to your AEM Assets author instance.
  2. From the Tools panel, navigate to Deployment > Replication.
  3. In the Replication page, click Agents on author. You can see the four replication agents for your Brand Portal tenant.
  4. Click the replication agent URL to open the agent details.
  5. Click Edit to modify the replication agent settings.
  6. In Agent Settings, click the Extended tab.
  7. Select the Close Connection check box.
  8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 to configure all the four replication agents.
  9. Restart the server and verify the connection.

Brand Portal 6.4.5 FAQs

Ques. What is the major change in Brand Portal 6.4.5 release?

Ans. AEM Assets Brand Portal 6.4.5 is a feature release which allows the Brand Portal users to upload content from wihtin the Brand Portal instance and publish the Contribution folder back to AEM Assets without needing administrator rights.
For more information, see Asset Sourcing in Brand Portal.

Ques. Will I lose access to any existing assets, features, or configurations I have created?

Ans. All of your existing features and configurations remain intact. Your end-users are not impacted, and your content remains intact.

Ques. When am I moving to the new version of Brand Portal?

Ans. Brand Portal 6.4.5 was released to production in October 2019. And the next Brand Portal version is expected to be released in Q3 2020.
For updates and version change, it is recommended to track the Release Notes and What’s New in Brand Portal.

Ques. Will my users be impacted?

Ans. The Brand Portal 6.4.5 release is exclusively within Brand Portal, so there is no impact to your end-users.

Ques. Is there any action required on my part as a Brand Portal user?

Ans. Brand Portal 6.4.5 release comes with a new feature named Asset Sourcing. AEM administrator must configure Asset Sourcing feature in AEM Assets to enable the feature for the Brand Portal users. For more information, refer to Enable Asset Sourcing.

Ques. Who can create a Contribution folder?

Ans. Any AEM user having permissions to create a new folder in AEM Assets, can create a Contribution folder. To create a Contribution folder, create a new folder of type Asset Contribution.
This folder is shared with the active Brand Portal users for contribution.

Ques. What does a Contribution folder contains?

Ans. Contribution folder contains two sub-folders NEW and SHARED. Initially, the NEW folder is blank and the SHARED folder contains the reference content (reusable assets) for the Brand Portal users.
The Brand Portal users access the Contribution folder and upload content in the NEW folder.

Ques. Can I modify the name of an existing Contribution folder?

Ans. No, you cannot modify the name of an existing Contribution folder.

Ques. What is asset requirements w.r.t contribution?

Ans. The Brief document attached to the Contribution folder and the reference content (reusable assets) uploaded in the SHARED folder helps the Brand Portal user to understand the need of contribution and expectations as a contributor, and is collectively called as the asset requirements.

Ques. Can I upload assets to any permitted folder?

Ans. Not all the permitted folders. A Brand Portal user can upload content only to the Contribution folder which is shared by the AEM or Brand Portal administrator.

Ques. How do I get access to a Contribution folder?

Ans. You can access a Contribution folder only if it has been shared with you. You will get an email/pulse notification whenever a Contribution folder is shared with you. You can either access the Contribution folder via the link shared in the email, or login to your Brand Portal instance and navigate to the bell icon for notfication to access the Contribution folder.


If you are not an existing Brand Portal user, request the AEM administrator to create your user in the AEM admin console and add your profile to the user configuration file in Brand Portal users list.

Ques. What is the Format of the CSV file for user import?

Ans. The format is same as what is supported by Admin Console for bulk user import. Email, first name, and last name are mandatory.

Ques. What populates the list of users (Brand Portal contributors) in the Asset Contribution user drop-down?

Ans. The users in the drop-down are populated from the Brand Portal user configuration (.csv) file uploaded in AEM.

Ques. Where can I see the status of import and publish jobs?

Ans. In AEM, you can see the status of an import in async job page. In Brand Portal, you can see the status of a publish job in Tools > Asset Contribution status.

Ques. What is the frequency of an import job which runs periodically in AEM?

Ans. In AEM, polling is run every 5 mins.

Ques. Is there any threashold on the number of times a folder can be published from Brand Portal to AEM Assets?

Ans. No, all the assets in the NEW folder are published to AEM Assets regardless of the fact they were published earlier. Everytime a Contribution folder is published from Brand Portal to AEM Assets, it overrides the content of the NEW folder.

Ques. How to upload new assets in a Contribution folder?

Ans. Refer to the detailed documentation for Uploading assets to Contribution folder.

Ques. I do not see thumbnails/previews on the assets uploaded to the NEW folder by a Brand Portal user?

Ans. It is as designed, coz there is no workflow being run at the Brand Portal end.

Ques. What happens if a folder is published from AEM Assets to Brand Portal that is in flux?

Ans. In AEM, logs are maintained for each time a folder is published to Brand Portal. At the time of publishing, all the assets which are not published to Brand Portal are put in a replication queue. Any asset added to the folder after the publishing job is triggered are not published to Brand Portal. When the AEM user publishes the folder again, only the assets which were not published earlier (existing in replication queue) are published to Brand Portal.
This holds true for any folder published from AEM Assets to Brand Portal, and SHARED folder within a Contribution folder.

Ques. Who do I contact with questions?

Ans. Contact your Adobe Account Manager or Customer Support.


Release schedule is tentative and subject to change. Contact your Adobe Account Manager or Customer Support to get the updated release schedule.

Product Access and Support (Restricted Sites)

These sites are only available to customers. If you are a customer and require access, contact your Adobe account manager.

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