Known issues

This page keeps a list of known issues from Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 that was released in April 2019.

Contact support if you need more information about the known issues.


  • An issue is reported where the CRX-Quickstart, and its contents, are deleted.

    On each of these actions, ensure that the property htmllibmanager.fileSystemOutputCacheLocation is not an empty string:

    1. Calling /libs/granite/ui/content/dumplibs.rebuild.html?invalidate=true.
    2. Upgrading to AEM 6.5.
    3. Executing “lazy content migration” on AEM 6.5.

    A Knowledge Base article is available with further details and the workaround for this issue.

  • If you are using JDK 11 with AEM 6.5 instance, some of the pages might display as blank after deploying some packages. The following error message displays in the log file:

    *ERROR* [OsgiInstallerImpl] bundle (558)[] : Error during instantiation of the implementation object (java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: jdk/internal/reflect/ConstructorAccessorImpl)
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: jdk/internal/reflect/ConstructorAccessorImpl

To resolve this error:

  1. Stop the AEM instance. Go to <aem_server_path_on_server>crx-quickstart\conf and open the file. Adobe recommends taking a backup of this file.

  2. Search for org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation=. Add jdk.internal.reflect,jdk.internal.reflect.* properties to display the result as.

  1. Save the file and restart the AEM instance.


  • Search: Search does not result any returns if the search string contains leading space(s) (OAK-4786)
  • Folder Metadata Schema: After adding a choice button, the ID and Value field are not rendered as expected and the delete functionality does not work. (CQ-4261144)
  • When renaming an asset, it is not possible to use a whitespace in the asset name. (CQ-4266403)


  • When AEM Forms is installed on Linux operating system, Digital Signature with Hardware Security Module do not work. (CQ-4266721)

  • (AEM Forms on WebSphere only) The Forms Workflow > Task Search option does not return any result if you search for an Administrator with Username as the search criteria. (CQ-4266457)

  • AEM Forms fails to convert TIF and TIFF files with JPEG compression to PDF Documents. (CQ-4265972)

  • The AEM Forms Assets Scanner and Letter to Interactive Communication Migration options do not work on the AEM Forms Migration page. (CQ-4266572)

  • (JBoss 7 only) When you upgrade from a previous version to AEM 6.5 Forms and the previous version had processes (.lca) that created and used a copy of the default submit or default render process, HTML5 Forms using such processes (.lca) fails to perform the required actions. (CQ-4243928)

  • In an adaptive from, when a form data model service is invoked from the rule editor to dynamically update values of the image choice component, values of the image choice component are not updated. (CQ-4254754)

  • AEM Forms Designer installer requires the 32-bit version of Visual C++ redistributable runtime package 2012 and Visual C++ redistributable runtime packages 2013. Ensure that the aforementioned redistributable runtime packages are installed before starting the installation. (CQ-4265668)

  • PDF Generator does not support smart card-based authentication. When an administrator enables the Group Policy Interactive Logon: Require Smart card on a Windows server, all the existing PDF Generator users are invalidated.

  • When an adaptive form is configured to dynamically update values of a component and the publish instance that hosts the form is accessed through the dispatcher, the functionality to dynamically update values of a fields stop working. To resolve the issue, on the publish instance, open CRXDE, navigate to /libs/fd/af/runtime/clientlibs/guideChartReducer, and create the property listed in below.

    • Name: allowProxy
    • Type: Boolean
    • Value: true
    • Protected: False
    • Mandatory: False
    • Multiple: False
    • Auto Created: False

    The property enables the client libraries under the runtime folder to access proxies. (CQ-4268679)

  • When AEM Forms is started, the SAX Security Manager could not be setup warning appears.

  • When you open a PDF protected with AEM Forms Document Security on an Apple iOS or iPadOS running Adobe Acrobat Reader version 20.10.00.

  • When you submit a form containing a standard HTML upload field from an Apple iOS device, sometimes, the content of the file is not sent and a 0-byte file is received at the other end. Apple iOS 15.1 provides a fix for the issue.

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