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Adobe recommends using the SPA Editor for projects that require single page application framework-based client-side rendering (for example, React). Learn more.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Mobile is just one pillar that makes up the complete AEM platform.

Starting a new AEM Mobile app experience requires a cohesion of roles before it is ready for content editing. The following roles provide a starting point for creating a AEM Mobile application:

  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • Author

Authoring PhoneGap Applications

An AEM Author (or Marketer) is able to use the out-of-the-box templates and components to add and edit pages. You can drag and drop components, and add media of all types from the DAM including images, videos, and text fragments (content fragments).

See the following resources:

To learn about Content Services, see Content Services Overview to get started.

Additional Resources

To learn about the roles and responsibilities of an Administrator and Developer, see the resources below:

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