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Last update: 2023-08-15
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Interactive communication is the default and recommended approach to create customer communications in AEM Forms 6.5. To continue using letters in AEM Forms 6.5, you need to install the latest AEMFD Compatibility package.

The AEMFD Compatibility package also lets you use the following assets from AEM Forms 6.4, 6.3 and 6.2 on AEM Forms 6.5:

  • Document fragments
  • Letters
  • Data dictionaries
  • Adaptive forms deprecated templates and pages

For more information, see Assets made compatible with AEM Forms 6.5 by installing the Compatibility package.

Add support for AEM Forms 6.4, 6.3 and 6.2 assets in AEM Forms 6.5

After performing an upgrade, do the following to install the AEMFD compatibility package and make your assets compatible with 6.5:

Ensure that you have AEM Compatibility package pre-installed.

  1. Install the latest 6.5 Compatibility package.

    For more information on uploading and installing the package, see How to work with packages.

  2. After the logs are stabilized, restart the server.

  3. Use the migration utility for making your assets compatible with 6.5.

    For more information, see migration utility.

Assets made compatible with AEM Forms 6.5 by installing the Compatibility package

By installing the Compatibility package, you can make the following assets and templates compatible with AEM Forms 6.5:

  • Correspondence Management Assets from AEM 6.4 and earlier:

  • Adaptive form deprecated templates:

    • /libs/fd/af/templates/blankTemplate2
    • /libs/fd/af/templates/simpleEnrollmentTemplate
    • /libs/fd/af/templates/simpleEnrollmentTemplate2
    • /libs/fd/af/templates/surveyTemplate
    • /libs/fd/af/templates/surveyTemplate2
    • /libs/fd/af/templates/tabbedEnrollmentTemplate
    • /libs/fd/af/templates/tabbedEnrollmentTemplate2
    • /libs/fd/afaddon/templates/advancedEnrollmentTemplate
    • /libs/fd/afaddon/templates/advancedEnrollmentTemplate2
  • Adaptive forms deprecated pages:

    • /libs/fd/af/components/page/survey
    • /libs/fd/af/components/page/tabbedenrollment
    • /libs/fd/afaddon/components/page/advancedenrollment

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