Unable to get Email with Attachments for AEM Forms on JEE Platforms

Last update: 2023-10-31
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The issue applies to the following version:

  • Experience Manager 6.5 Forms


User is not able to perform operations such as Send PDF via Email or Include Attachments with Submission configuration.


  1. Download jar as java.mail-1.0.jar and unzip the downloaded jar file to obtain the manifest file.

  2. Use the manifest file of java.mail-1.0.jar retrieved from Step 1 to create a custom jar file say as java.mail-1.5.jar.

  3. Open the manifest file and replace all the occurrences of 1.5.0 with 1.5.6 and Bundle-Version: 1.0 with Bundle-Version:1.5

  4. Create a custom jar (java.mail-1.5.jar) file by using following command in C:\Adobe\Adobe_Experience_Manager_Forms\java\jdk\bin folder as:
    jar -cfm java.mail-1.5.jar manifest.mf

    In the above command, manifest.mf is the name of the manifest file and java.mail-1.5.jar is the name of the file that would be created after executing the above command.

  5. Download javax.mail-1.5.6.redhat-1.jar.

  6. Navigate to http://<server name>:<port>/lc/system/console/bundlesand delete the bundle with a name as JavaMail API (com.sun.mail.javax.mail) version 1.6.2.

  7. Install java.mail-1.5.jar obtained from step 3. This step restarts the sling properties of the JEE deployment. Wait for the installed bundles at http://<server name>:<port>/lc/system/console/bundles to show Status as Active.

    In case the status is still InActive, restart JBoss® from the Services Console.

  8. Install javax.mail-1.5.6.redhat-1.jarfile downloaded using step 5.

  9. Stop JBoss® from the Services Console and append the following properties to Sling.properties file:

    • org.osgi.framework.system.packages.extra=javax.activation; version\=1.2.0
    • sling.bootdelegation.activation=javax.activation.*
  10. Restart JBoss®.

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