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Last update: 2023-12-08
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Product Adobe Experience Manager 6.5
Type Service Pack release
Date Friday, December 08, 2023

What is included in Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 Forms Service Pack 19 (

Experience Manager includes new features, key customer-requested enhancements, bug fixes, and performance, stability, and security improvements that have been released since the initial availability of 6.5 in April 2019. Install this service pack on Experience Manager 6.5.

New Features

New Adaptive Form Core Components

Vertical tabs, Terms & Conditions, and Checkbox are added to enhance the scalability of forms.

  • Checkbox component: Adaptive Forms based on Core Components can now include a checkbox component. It allows users to make binary choices, selecting or deselecting a particular option. It typically appears as a small box that can be clicked or tapped to toggle between two states: checked and unchecked. The checkbox is a common form element used to present a yes/no or true/false choice.

  • Terms and Conditions component: Adaptive Forms based on Core Components can now include a Terms and Conditions component. It allows forms authors to introduce a specific section within the form where users are presented with the terms, conditions, or legal agreements associated with the use of a service, product, or platform. This component is designed to inform users about the rules, regulations, and obligations they are agreeing to by submitting the form.

    Vertical tabs, Terms & Conditions and Checkbox components

  • Vertical tabs component: Adaptive Forms based on Core Components can now organize form content into a vertical list of tabs, providing a structured and navigable layout. The use of vertical tabs in a form can enhance the overall user experience by simplifying navigation and improving the organization of form content, especially in situations where a form contains multiple sections or complex information.

64-bit version of AEM Forms Designer

The 64-bit version of AEM Forms Designer brings enhanced performance, scalability, and memory management to empower your form creation experience. With the 64-bit architecture, you can tackle even larger and more complex projects with ease, ensuring seamless design workflows and optimized efficiency. Elevate your form design capabilities and embrace the future of AEM Forms Designer with this cutting-edge release.

Connect an Adaptive Forms with Microsoft® SharePoint List

AEM Forms provides an OOTB integration to submit forms data directly to SharePoint List), letting you use SharePoint’s Lists capabilities. You can configure Microsoft® SharePoint List as a datasource for a Form Data Model and use the Submit using Form Data Model submit action to connect an Adaptive Form with SharePoint List.

Support to configure Document of Record properties for Adaptive Form Fragments

You can now easily customize your Adaptive Form fragments and its fields in Adaptive Form editor.

Bug Fixes

The release also includes fixes for 20+ customer reported issues. For detailed list of fixes included in the service pack, see release notes

Installing the service pack

The service pack brings new features and bug fixes for both AEM Forms on JEE and AEM Forms on OSGi. The installation instructions have changes in comparison to previous service packs, For installation instructions, see AEM Forms service pack installation instructions.

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