Saving an HTML5 form as a draft

Last update: 2023-10-04
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You can save an HTML5 form as a draft and resume filling the form at a later stage. Forms Portal allows any user to save and restore an HTML5 form. To enable the Save as Draft functionality, add the following configurations to the profile node:

Custom Profile to allow Save as Draft feature

Out of the box, AEM Forms provide a Save as Draft profile. You can render a form with the Save as Draft profile to enable draft functionality for an HTML5 form. You can specify HTML render profile for a form in Forms Manager.

To enable Save as Draft functionality for your existing custom profile, add the following properties to your custom profile node:

Property Name Type Value Description
mfAllowFPDraft String true

Enables save as draft feature

for this profile.

mfAllowAttachments String true

Allows uploading of attachments

with this profile.

Drafts storage and listing

After enabling Save as Draft functionality for a form; when the form is saved, it is listed in the Drafts and Submission component. You can retrieve and start filling the saved form the Draft and Submission component.

To enable forms listing for the Draft and Submission component, add the following property to the profile node:

Property Name Type Value Description
fp.enablePortalSubmit String true To enable drafts and forms to get listed in
Forms Portal Drafts & Submissions component after submission

By default, AEM Forms stores the user data associated with the draft and submission of a form in the /content/forms/fp node on the Publish instance. You can add your custom storage provider, for details see Custom storage for Drafts and Submissions component.

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