Configuring Task Manager endpoints

Task Manager endpoints enable Workspace users to invoke the service.

Task Manager endpoint settings

Use the following settings to configure a Task Manager endpoint.

Name: (Mandatory) Identifies the endpoint. The name is displayed in the card view in Workspace. Do not include a < character because it will truncate the name displayed in Workspace. If you’re entering a URL as the name of the endpoint, ensure that it conforms with the syntax rules specified in RFC1738.

Description: A description of the endpoint. Do not include a < character because it will truncate the description displayed in Workspace.

Task Instructions: Instructions for the user who starts this workflow.

Process Owner: The name of the person who is responsible for the process.

User Can Forward Task: Allows the user to forward the initial task.

Show Attachment Window: Allows the user to see the attachment window.

Allow Attachment Adding: Allows the user to add attachments and notes.

Task Initially Locked: Locks the initial task.

Add ACLs for Shared Queues: The initial task is created with ACLs for shared queue users.

Categorization: (Mandatory) The category in which the user will see the form in Workspace. Select a category from the list, or select New Category to add a category.

Operation Name: (Mandatory) A list of operations that can be assigned to the endpoint.

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