Grant rule editor access to select user groups


You may have different types of users with varied skills that work with Adaptive Forms. While expert users may have the right knowledge to work with scripts and complex rules, there may be basic-level users who need to work only with the layout and basic properties of adaptive forms.

AEM Forms allows you to limit rule editor access to users based on their role or function. In the Adaptive Forms Configuration Service settings, you can specify the user groups that can view and access rule editor.

Specify user groups that can access rule editor

  1. Log in to AEM Forms as an administrator.

  2. In the author instance, click adobeexperiencemanagerAdobe Experience Manager > Tools hammer > Operations > Web Console. The Web Console opens in a new window.


  3. In Web Console Window, locate and click Adaptive Form and Interactive Communication Web Channel Configuration. Adaptive Form and Interactive Communication Web Channel Configuration dialog appears. Do not change any value and click Save.

    It creates a file /apps/system/config/ in CRX-repository.

  4. Log in to CRXDE as an administrator. Open file /apps/system/config/ for editing.

  5. Use the following property to specify the name of a group that can access rule editor (For example, RuleEditorsUserGroup) and click Save All.


    To enable access for mutiple groups, specify a list of comma seperated values:

    af.ruleeditor.custom.groups=["RuleEditorsUserGroup", "PermittedUserGroup"]

    Create User

    Now, when a user that is not a part of the a specified user group (here RuleEditorsUserGroup) taps a field, the Edit Rule icon ( edit-rules1) is not available for her in the components toolbar:


    Components toolbar as visible to a user with rule editor access


    Components toolbar as visible to a user without rule editor access

    For instructions on adding users to groups, see User Administration and Security.

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