About administration and process terminology

Last update: 2023-12-06

To administer forms workflow effectively, you should understand the following terms and the hierarchy of the elements:

  • Process categories organize processes into logical groups.
  • Processes represent the business processes that are automated. At least one process should exist for each business process implemented.
  • A process diagram is the visual representation of the business process that is being automated.
  • A process instance is a process that has been initiated by a user (such as completing and submitting a form) or an automated step. There may be multiple instances of a process.
  • An operation is one step of a process diagram, which is represented in Workbench by an icon in the process diagram.
  • A task is an action that has been assigned to a user. When the task is run and the operation is executed, the User service assigns a task to a user.

For more information about these terms, see Workbench Help.

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