Migration Guide for the Experience Manager Add-On

Last update: 2023-11-06

This guide helps identify the areas you need to update for the Experience Manager add-on migration.

CIF Add-On

CIF add-on is available for AEM 6.5 via the Software Distribution portal. It is compatible and provides the same features as the CIF add-on for Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.

See Getting started with AEM Content and Commerce.

To support projects deploying CIF, Adobe provides AEM CIF Core Components.

Product Catalog

Importing product catalog data is not supported by the CIF add-on. Using the CIF add-on principals, product & catalog requests are on-demand via real-time calls to an external commerce solution. Go to chapter Integrating to learn more about integrating a commerce solution.


If no real-time APIs are available, an external product cache with APIs should be used for the integration. Example Magento open-source.

Product Catalog Experiences with AEM Rendering

If you use catalog blueprint with Classic CIF, you need to update the product catalog workflow. The CIF add-on now renders product catalog experiences on-the-fly using AEM catalog templates. No replication of product data or product pages is required anymore.

Non-Cacheable Data and Shopping Interaction

Client-side requests for non-cacheable data and interactions (for example, add-to-cart, search) should go directly to the commerce endpoint (either commerce solution or integration layer) via CDN / Dispatcher. Remove any calls where AEM was just a proxy.

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