Tag Essentials

When AEM Communities components are configured with tagging enabled, community members are able to tag the content they post in the publish environment.

The underlying infrastructure for tags applied in the publish environment is the same as for tags applied to content in the author environment, such as pages and assets:

Tagging of UGC may be enabled when configuring a community site or one of the following features:

Essentials for Client-Side

Social Tag Cloud

resourceType social/commons/components/hbs/tagcloud
includable No
clientllibs cq.social.hbs.tagcloud
templates /libs/social/commons/components/hbs/tagcloud/tagcloud.hbs
css /libs/social/commons/components/hbs/tagcloud/clientlibs/tagcloud.css
properties See Using Social Tag Cloud

Essentials for Server-Side

Tag Searching

As of feature pack 1 (FP1), tag searching is performed using tag titles.

Prior to FP1, search was performed using tag ids.

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