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Last update: 2023-10-19
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Now that the components for the custom comment system are in place in the application directory (/apps?lang=en), it is possible to use the extended component. The instance of the comment system in a website to be affected must set its resourceType to be the custom comment system and include all necessary client libraries.

Identify Required Clientlibs

The client libraries necessary for the style and functioning of the default Comments are also necessary for extended Comments.

The Community Components Guide identifies the required client libraries. Browse to the Component Guide and view the Comments component, for example:


Note the three client libraries required for Comments to render and function properly. These must be included where the extended Comments are referenced, and the extended Comments’ client library ( apps.custom.comments).


Add Custom Comments to a Page

As there can be only one Comment system per page, it is simpler to create a sample page as described in the brief create a sample page tutorial.

Once created, enter Design mode and make available the Custom component group to allow the Alt Comments component to be added to the page.

For the Comment to appear and function properly, the client libraries for Comments must be added to the clientlibslist for the page (see Clientlibs for Communities Components).

Comments Clientlibs on Sample Page


Author: Alt Comment on Sample Page


Author: Sample Page Comments Node

You can verify the resourceType in CRXDE by viewing the properties of the comments node for the sample page at /content/sites/sample/en/jcr:content/content/primary/comments.


Publish Sample Page

After the custom component is added to the page, it is also necessary to (re) publish the page.

Publish: Alt Comment on Sample Page

After publishing both the custom application and the sample page, it is possible to enter a comment. When signed in, either with a demo user or admin, it is possible to post a comment.

Here is posting a comment:



Now that it appears the extended component is working correctly with the default appearance, it is time to modify the appearance.

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