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This section of the documentation describes how to add client-side libraries (clientlibs) to a page for Communities components.

For basic information, see the following:

Why Clientlibs are Required

Clientlibs are required for the proper functioning (JavaScript) and styling (CSS) of a component.

When there exists a community function for a feature, all necessary components and configurations, including the required clientlibs, are present in the community site. Only if additional components are to be available to authors must additional clientlibs be added.

When the required clientlibs are missing, adding a Communities component to a page could result in JavaScript errors and an unexpected appearance.

Example : Placed Reviews without Clientlibs


Example : Placed Reviews with Clientlibs


Identifying Required Clientlibs

The essential feature information for developers identifies the required clientlibs.

In addition, from an AEM instance, browsing to the Community Components Guide provides access to a listing of clientlib categories required for a component.

For example, at the top of the Reviews page the required clientlibs listed are

  • cq.ckeditor


Adding Required Clientlibs

When it is desired to add a Communities component to a page, it is necessary to add the required clientlibs for the component if not already present.

Use CRXDE|Lite to modify an existing clientlibslist for a community site page.

To add a clientlib for a community site by using CRXDE Lite:

  • Browse to https://<server>:<port>/crx/de.

  • Locate the clientlibslist node for the page on which you wish to add the component:

    • /content/sites/sample/en/page/jcr:content/clientlibslist
  • With clientlibslist node selected:

    • Locate the String[] property scg:requiredClientLibs.

    • Select its Value so you can access the String array dialog box.

      • Scroll down if necessary.

      • Select + to enter a new client library.

        • Repeat to add more client libraries.

        • Select OK.

    • Select Save All.


If the site is not a community site, the existence or location of the client libraries in use for the site must be discovered.

Using the Getting Started with AEM Communities example, where site-name is engage, this is how the clientliblist would appear if adding the reviews component:


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