Calendar Essentials

This page provides essential information on working with the calendar feature.

Essentials for Client-Side

resourceType social/calendar/components/hbs/calendar
includable No
templates /libs/social/calendar/components/hbs/calendar/calendar.hbs
css /libs/social/calendar/components/hbs/calendar/clientlibs/css/calendar.css
properties see Using Calendars

Essentials for Server-Side

Calendar Function

A community site structure that includes the Calendar function will have a configured calendar component. The Calendar function supports identifying a privileged member user group.

Accessing Calendar Posts (UGC)

As of AEM 6.1 Communities, use of a common store for UGC includes programmatic access to UGC regardless of the chosen storage option (such as ASRP, MSRP or JSRP).

The location and format of the UGC in the repository is subject to change without warning.


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