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Last update: 2023-08-01
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The contribution limits feature lets you limit the contributions of community members as a means of protecting against spam.

When a member is limited, any post that exceeds the allowed number of contributions results in an alert that the limit was exceeded and the post is rejected. The community member may then go to the community message center and contact a community manager who can remove the limits if appropriate.

Contribution limits may be enabled individually from the Members console and/or configured to be automatically enabled when site visitors become new members.

Using the Members console, contribution limits can be proactively removed for a member by a community manager at any time, or reactively removed when a member sends a message to a community manager making such a request.

AEM Communities User-Generated Content Contribution Limits Configuration

This OSGi configuration:

  • Defines the characteristics of the contribution limits (number of posts within a time period).
  • Identifies who the member is able to message when the limit has been reached.
  • Identifies domains that need never be constrained.

To reach this OSGi configuration:


  • Automatically Apply UGC Contribution Limits

    If checked, automatically set contribution limits on users when they register as community members. This is reflected in the community member’s profile and may be enabled/disabled from the members console. New members with an email address from an allowlist of domains are never constrained.

    Default is unchecked.

  • UGC Limit

    Maximum number of contributions.

    Default is ten posts.

  • UGC Limit Frequency

    The time period constraining the UGC limit.

    Default is 60 minutes.

  • Domains

    An allowlist list of one or more email domains. Select the + icon to make additional entries.

    Users with email addresses in the allowlist of domains are not affected when UGC contribution limits are automatically applied. For example, if domain is added to the list of domains, then a member with email address is never restricted from posting.

    Default is an empty allowlist.

  • Messaging Recipients

    List of one or more authorizable IDs of members able to modify the contribution limits for members. Select the + icon to make additional entries.

    Members may only reach out to specified members when their limit has been reached.

    Default is no messaging recipients.

Note: The default configuration results in a limit of ten posts within a period of one hour.

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