Content Fragments - Configuration Browser

Learn how to enable certain Content Fragment functionality in the Configuration Browser in order to leverage AEM’s powerful headless delivery features.

Enable Content Fragment Functionality for your Instance

Before using Content Fragments you need to use the Configuration Browser to enable:

  • Content Fragment Models - mandatory
  • GraphQL Persistent Queries - optional

If you do not enable Content Fragment Models:

To enable content fragment functionality you need to:

  • Enable the use of content fragment functionality via the configuration browser
  • Apply the configuration to your Assets folder

Enable Content Fragment Functionality in Configuration Browser

To use certain Content Fragment functionality you must first enable them via the Configuration Browser:


For further details see also Configuration Browser:.

  1. Navigate to Tools, General, then open the Configuration Browser.

  2. Use Create to open the dialog, where you:

    1. Specify a Title.

    2. To enable their use select

      • Content Fragment Models
      • GraphQL Persistent Queries

      Define configuration

  3. Select Create to save the definition.

Apply the Configuration to your Assets Folder

When the configuration global is enabled for content fragment functionality, then applies to any Assets folder.

To use other configurations (i.e. excluding global) with a comparable Assets folder, then you have to define the connection. This is done by selecting the appropriate Configuration in the Cloud Services tab of the Folder Properties of the appropriate folder.

Apply configuration

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