Touch UI Feature Status


AEM 6.4 has reached the end of extended support and this documentation is no longer updated. For further details, see our technical support periods. Find the supported versions here.


With version 6.4 of AEM, the Classic UI is deprecated. Adobe does not plan to make further enhancements to the Classic UI and users are encouraged to leverage the powerful new features available under the touch-enabled UI.

Starting with version 6.0, AEM introduced a new user interface referred to as the “touch-enabled UI” (also known simply as “touch UI”) that is aligned to the Adobe Marketing Cloud and to the overall Adobe user interface guidelines. With near feature partity reached, this has become the standard UI in AEM with the legacy, desktop-oriented interface referred to as “classic UI.”

While most capabilities are present in the touch-enabled UI, there are features that are not yet complete and will be added in future releases.

The following list shows the current status of the capabilities as implemented in AEM 6.4.

For recommendations for customers that upgrade to AEM 6.4, please see User Interface Recommendations for Customers for details.


Please note that this page only covers feature parity with classic UI.

Capabilities added and unique to the touch-enabled UI that are not present in the classic UI are not listed.


This list strives to be complete, but should not be considered exhaustive.


  • Complete: The feature is fully available in the touch-enabled UI
  • Mostly: The feature is mostly available in the touch-enabled UI.
  • Missing: The feature is not present in the touch-enabled UI, the classic UI has to be used to do this action.
  • Replaced: The feature was replaced with a new implementation that works differently.
  • Removed: The feature no longer exists in the touch-enabled UI and will not be replaced.

Feature Status: Sites Admin

This is a list of capabilities the classic UI Site Admin ( /siteadmin) has and the status in the touch-enabled UI ( /sites.html).

Navigate Site Hierarchy Complete
AEM 6.4 introduced a content tree view.
Start Workflow Complete
Create new page Complete
Create new site Complete
Create new launch Complete
Create new livecopy
Create folder Complete
Show Publication Status Mostly
Search Complete
Copy / Paste page (Duplicate) Complete
Move page(s) Complete
Publish page(s) Complete
Publish page(s) without replication rights Complete
Publish later Complete
Publish tree Complete
Unpublish pages(s) Complete
Unpublish page(s) without replication rights Complete
Unpublish later Complete
Delete Complete
Lock/Unlock Complete
View/Edit Properties Complete
Set Permissions on Page(s) Complete
Version history Complete
Restore version Complete
Restore tree and restore deleted pages Missing Use Classic UI.
Show difference between old and current version
Livecopy Actions (Roll-out) Complete
See language copies Complete
Find & Replace Missing
Use Classic UI.
Notification Inbox (JCR events) Missing Use Classic UI. Will be replaced with different implementation.
References Mostly Display of incoming page links will be added in the 2019 release of AEM.

Feature Status: Page Editor

This is a list of capabilities the classic UI Page Editor ( /cf#) has and the status in the touch-enabled ( /editor.html).

Feature Status Comment
Edit Web Pages Complete
Edit Mobile Web Pages
Edit content imported via Design Importer
Edit E-Mails Complete
Edit Mobile Apps Complete
Edit Forms Complete
Edit Offers Complete
Edit Workflows Models
ode: Edit & Preview Complete
Responsive Preview
Mode: Edit Design Complete
Mode: Scaffolding Complete
Mode: Live Copy Status
Add annotations Complete
Edit properties
Roll-out Page Complete
Start & Show Workflow Complete
Workflow package Handing Mostly Completely accessible in touch-enabled UI. Multiple workflow payload still presented in classic UI.
Lock/Unlock Page Complete
Publish Page
Unpublish Page Complete
Copy Page Removed
Use Site Admin to copy pages.
Move Page Removed Use Site Admin to move pages.
Delete Page Removed Use Site Admin to delete pages.
Show References Removed Use Site Admin to see the detailed reference list.
Audit Log Removed Use Site Admin and open activity rail.
Create Version Removed Use Site Admin to create new versions.
Restore Version Removed Use Site Admin to restore versions.
Switch Launches Removed Use Site Admin to switch between launches.
Translate Page Removed Use Site Admin to add page to translation projects.
Timewarp (choose date/time and browse site as it then looked)
Set Permissions Complete
Client Context UI
Replaced Use the ContextHub UI going forward.
Content Finder for the various media types
Component List Complete
Copy & paste components
List of components in clipboard Missing
Undo / Redo Complete
Drag & drop content into component placeholder Complete
Drag & drop content directly into parsys placeholder with component auto-creation

Feature Status: Text, Table, and Image Editors

This is a list of capabilities the classic UI Text, Table, and Image Editor have and the status in the touch-enabled UI.

Feature Status Comment
Rich Text Editor Complete Usable in-place, in dialog, and in full screen.
Enable/disable RTE Plug-ins Complete
Can be done using the Template Editor.
Use RTE for Plain-text Complete
RTE Plug-in: Links & Anchor Complete
RTE Plug-in: Character Map Complete
RTE Plug-in: Copy/Paste Complete
RTE Plug-in: Paste from Microsoft Word
RTE Plug-in: Find & Replace Complete
RTE Plug-in: Text Formats (bold, ...) Complete
RTE Plug-in: Sub & Superscript Complete
RTE Plug-in: Justify Complete
RTE Plug-in: Lists (bullet / numbers) Complete
RTE Plug-in: Paragraph Format Complete
RTE Plug-in: Text Styles Complete
RTE Plug-in: Source Editor (Edit HTML)
Only available in dialog and full screen.
RTE Plug-in: Spellchecker Complete
RTE Plug-in: Table (embedded Table Editor) Complete
RTE Plug-in: Undo/Redo
RTE Plug-In: Allow in-line images Complete
Table Editor Complete Usable in-place, in dialog, and in full screen.
Drag & drop Image into table cell
Complete Usable in-line
Image Editor
Complete Usable in-place, in dialog, and in full screen.
Enable/disable IPE Plug-ins Complete There is now a UI in the Template Editor.
IPE Plug-in: Crop Complete
IPE Plug-in: Flip Complete
IPE Plug-in: Undo/Redo Complete
IPE Plug-in: Image Map Complete
IPE Plug-in: Rotate Complete
IPE Plug-in: Zoom Complete

Feature Status: Tools

This is a list of various tools the classic UI have and the status in the touch-enabled UI.

Task Management Replaced 6.0 introduced Projects & Tasks.
Workflow Inbox
Workflow to Page Template Configuration (/etc/workflow/wcm/templates.html) Missing
Use Classic UI.
Tagging Admin UI
MSM/Blueprint Control Center Complete
Blueprint Manager UI Complete
Roll-out Configuration UI Missing Use Classic UI.
User, Groups & Permissions UI
Mostly Complete
For advanced permission editing use Classic UI.
Purge Versions (/etc/versioning/purge.html) Missing Use Classic UI.
External Link Checker (/etc/linkchecker.html) Missing Use Classic UI.
Bulk Editor (/etc/importers/bulkeditor.html) Missing
Use Classic UI.

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