AEM Communities Release Notes


AEM 6.4 has reached the end of extended support and this documentation is no longer updated. For further details, see our technical support periods. Find the supported versions here.

This section provides information on the improvements to AEM Communities since the 6.3 release. To learn about the new features in greater detail, see What’s New in AEM 6.4 Communities.

To obtain the latest release, see the Deploying Communities section of the documentation.

Main improvements

Community Sites:

  • Community Administrators can now:

    • Delete permanently Community Sites
    • Select a context-aware configuration folder for Community Sites

Community Groups:

  • Community Administrators can now:

    • Delete permanently Community Groups
    • Create Community Groups in multiple languages
    • Add enablement catalog & assignments within Community Groups
  • Enablement Managers can now

    • Create and assign resources and learning paths within Community Groups

File Library:

  • Community Members now have multiple enhancements to the File Library e.g. sort orders, tagging…


  • Community Members now receive notifications upon approval of contributions that went through a moderation process


  • Automated Spam Detection Filter
  • Community Moderators have additional Moderation filters (e.g. answered/unanswered questions)
  • Community Moderators can bookmark and link moderation to predefined filters (e.g. all posts pending approval)

Overall compatibility with foundational changes in AEM 6.4.

Note: all these features are also available for AEM 6.3. Please check the AEM Communities release notes for 6.3.

Known Issues

  • Moderation - Not able to delete parent post as a single delete operation from the bulk moderation UI (CQ-4236797)
  • Console - Forgot Username or Password link is redirecting to the Login Page instead of the corresponding password retrieval form (CQ-4237682)

Select Features

Expert Scoring (Powered by Sensei) - is used to enable gamification, which is an effective way of encouraging and rewarding valuable community behavior. It can also be used to identify experts for recommendation or marketing purposes.


All these features can be demonstrated using the AEM Demo Machine available publicly on when using the AEM Communities demo scenario and also within the new We.Retail reference implementation.

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