Customizing the listing of process instances

The process instance list is displayed in the Tracking tab of AEM Forms workspace.

In the process instance list, for each process instance, AEM Forms workspace shows some properties of that instance. The following properties are available for each process instance. These properties are stored as attributes in the process instance component model and are available for use in its view and template.

Property Comments
description Description of the process instance.
initiator Name of initiator of the process instance.
initiatorId ID of the initiator of the process instance.
processCompleteTime Time stamp when the process completed.
processInstanceId ID of the process instance.
processInstanceStatus 0 = Initiated
1 = Running
2 = Complete
3 = Completing
4 = Terminated
5 = Terminating
6 = Suspended
7 = Suspending
8 = Unsuspending
processName Name of the process.
processStartTime Time stamp when the process started.
processVariables Array of objects of process variables. Each process variable object contains name (the name of process variable), value (value of the process variable), and type (the type of process variable).


To display the description property of the process instance in the process instance card, perform the following steps.

  1. Follow the Generic steps for AEM Forms workspace customization.

  2. Do the following:

    1. Copy /libs/ws/js/runtime/templates/processinstance.html to/apps/ws/js/runtime/templates/, if it does not exist. Click Save All.
    2. Add process description div with class = ‘processDescription’ inprocessinstance.html.
    <div class="processDescription" title="<%= description%>"><%= description%></div>
  3. Do the following:

    1. Open /apps/ws/js/registry.js for editing.
    2. Search and replace text!/lc/libs/ws/js/runtime/templates/processinstance.htmlwith text!/lc/apps/ws/js/runtime/templates/processinstance.html.
  4. The above changes may require an update to the CSS file by adding an entry in the style sheet /apps/ws/css/newStyle.css in the following way:

    .processinstance .processDescription {
     <!--Dummy values, need to be configured by user as per requirement as well as user can add or delete any property depending upon requirement-->
        width : 250px;
        font-size : 11pt;
        padding : 2px;

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