APIs used in AEM Forms workspace

Last update: 2023-05-03
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AEM 6.4 has reached the end of extended support and this documentation is no longer updated. For further details, see our technical support periods. Find the supported versions here.

The following APIs are used in AEM Forms workspace.

Javascript Method Service Name API Name Comments
getGroups ProcessManagementUserProxyService getGroups Searches groups. it returns a list of all the groups if nothing specified, else returns groups with the specified name.
getUsersAndGroups ProcessManagementUserProxyService getUsersAndGroups Searches users and groups. It returns a list of all the users and groups if nothing specified, else returns users and groups with specified name.
prepareForSubmit ProcessManagementDocumentHandlingService prepareForSubmit It is called before submitting form via DocumentSubmitServlet. It sets the task ID in a session variable (along with expiry time) which is retrieved during actual submit.
submitTask ProcessManagementDocumentHandlingService submit It submits the document object associated with a task (and submit process in turn).
getRootEndpointCategories ProcessManagementStartpointService getRootEndpointCategories It fetches all root categories present on server.
getDirectChildCategories ProcessManagementStartpointService getDirectChildCategories2 It fetches all direct children for a category.
getAllStartpoints ProcessManagementStartpointService getAllStartpoints It fetches all startpoints present on the server under all categories.
invokeStartpoint ProcessManagementStartpointService invokeStartpoint This invokes a Startpoint and creates a new task corresponding to a starpoint
getAllTasks ProcessManagementTaskService getAllActionableTasks It fetches all tasks which are created and forwarded or consulted, saved, assigned, assigned and saved for logged in user.
getTask ProcessManagementTaskService getTask It fetches a specific task.
renderTask ProcessManagementTaskService render It renders a task and returns information needed to render form like form url, form type, data url if needed etc.
submitWithPriorData ProcessManagementTaskService submitWithPriorData It returns result of TaskManager’s submit API using the result key.
submitWithData ProcessManagementTaskService submitWithData It submits the form data (passed as string) associated with task usingTaskManager’s submit API. It is used for flex forms which do not callTaskManager’s submit API.
save ProcessManagementTaskService save It saves a task on server.
complete ProcessManagementTaskService complete It completes a task and task is passed to next step as per process design.
getAttachment ProcessManagementTaskService getAttachment It returns url of a attachment where attachment is available.
getAllAttachments ProcessManagementTaskService getAllActionableAttachments It fetches all attachments and notes for a task.
share ProcessManagementTaskService share It shares a task with another user. Another user can claim the task and becomes owner of the task.
forward ProcessManagementTaskService forward It forwards a task to another user.
consult ProcessManagementTaskService consult It consults a task with another user.
claim ProcessManagementTaskService claim It claims a task available in shared queue.
unlock ProcessManagementTaskService unlock It unlocks a task.
lock ProcessManagementTaskService lock It locks a task and task can not be claimed by another user if shared.
reject ProcessManagementTaskService reject It returns task to previous owner of task.
abandon ProcessManagementTaskService abandon It deletes a task.
setVisibility ProcessManagementTaskService setVisibility It sets visibility of a task. If visibility is set to false then task will not be visible to user afterwards.
getUsers ProcessManagementUserProxyService getUsers It is used for searching users. It returns all users if no name is specified else returns users with specified name.
getUsersInGroup ProcessManagementUserProxyService getUsersInGroupByName It returns all users in a group.
grantQueueAccess ProcessManagementQueueService grantQueueAccess It grants access of logged in user's queue to specified user. It is basically sharing own queue with another user.
requestQueueAccess ProcessManagementQueueService requestQueueAccess It makes access request of queue of specified user for logged in user. If user approves the request then user's queue is shared with logged in user.
getGrantedUsers ProcessManagementQueueService getGrantedUsers It returns all users who have access to queue of logged in user.
getUsersForAccessibleQueues ProcessManagementQueueService getUsersForAccessibleQueues It returns all users whose queue is accessible to a user.
revokeQueueAccess ProcessManagementQueueService revokeQueueAccess It removes a user from the list of users who have access to queue of logged in user.
removeQueueAccess ProcessManagementQueueService removeQueueAccess It removes a user from the list of users whose queue is accessible to logged in user.
It gets all queues (own, shared and group queues) accessible to logged in user.
getOutOfOfficeSettings ProcessManagementOutOfOfficeService getOutOfOfficeSettings It gets out of office settings of a user.
saveOutOfOfficeSettingsJson ProcessManagementOutOfOfficeService saveOutOfOfficeSettingsJson It saves out of office settings of a user.
getAllProcesses ProcessManagementProcessService getAllProcesses It returns list of all processes.
getParticipatedProcesses ProcessManagementProcessService getParticipatedProcesses It retuns list of all process names participated by logged in user.
It fetches details of a process instance.
getProcessInstances ProcessManagementQueryService getProcessInstances It fetches all process instances for a process.
getPendingTasksForProcessInstance ProcessManagementQueryService getPendingTasksForProcessInstance It gets pending tasks for a process instance.
getTasksForProcessInstance ProcessManagementQueryService getTasksForProcessInstance It gets all tasks for a process instance.
getAllSearchTemplates ProcessManagementQueryService getAllSearchTemplates It returns list of all search templates.
getTemplate ProcessManagementQueryService getTemplate It returns content for a search template.
ProcessManagementQueryService findTasksJson It searches and returns all tasks satisfying all condition of a search template.
getAssignmentsForTask ProcessManagementTaskService getAssignmentsForTask It gets all assignments for a task. For e.g :- If user forwards or consults a task with another user then it is an assignment for a task.
deleteAttachment TaskManagerService deleteAttachment It deletes an attachment.
initialize ProcessManagementClientSessionService initialize It renews assertion if necessary. Authenticates user. Sets session parameters for server / client information. Returns user information and polling interval.
getTasksForDirectReports ProcessManagementTeamTasksService getTasksForDirectReports It returns all tasks of direct reports of logged in manager.
ProcessManagementTeamTasksService getDirectReportTask It returns task of specified direct report of logged in manager.
forwardTaskOfDirectReport ProcessManagementTeamTasksService forwardTaskOfDirectReport It forwards a task of a direct report to another user.
rejectTaskOfDirectReport ProcessManagementTeamTasksService rejectTaskOfDirectReport It returns a task of a direct report to previous user.
getProperty WorkspacePropertyService getProperty It gets a Workspace property for a user.
removeProperty WorkspacePropertyService delete It removes a Workspace property for a user.
getProperties WorkspacePropertyService getPropertiesAsMap It returns all Workspace properties for a user.
setProperty WorkspacePropertyService setProperty It sets a Workspace property for a user.
getCurrentUserImageUrl ProcessManagementClientSessionService getCurrentUserImageUrl It gets user's image url for logged in user.
getUserImageUrl ProcessManagementClientSessionService getUserImageUrl It gets user's image url for specified user.
uploadNote ProcessManagementDocumentHandlingService uploadNote It uploads a note on server for a task.
uploadRMAToServer (It's also called directly from html template)
ProcessManagementDocumentHandlingService uploadAttachment It uploads an attachment on server for a task.
getImageURL (It's also called directly from html template) ProcessManagementDocumentHandlingService getImage It gets image for a process.

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