eCommerce Overview

AEM generic eCommerce is available as part of a standard installation and provides you with the full functionality of the eCommerce framework.

Adobe provides two versions of the Commerce Integration Framework:

CIF on-prem CIF Cloud
Supported AEM versions AEM on-prem or AMS 6.x AEM AMS 6.4 and 6.5
Back-end - AEM, Java
- Monolithic integration, pre-build mapping (template)
- JCR repository
- Magento
- Java and Javascript
- No Commerce data stored in JCR repository
Front-end AEM server-side rendered pages Mixed page application (hybrid rendering)
Product catalog - Product importer, editor, caching in AEM
- Regular catalogs with AEM or proxy pages
- No product import
- Generic templates
- On-demand data via connector
Scalability - Can support up to a few million products (depends on the use-case)
- Caching on Dispatcher
- No volume limitation
- Caching on Dispatcher or CDN
Standardized data model No Yes, Magento GraphQL schema
Availability Yes:
- SAP Commerce Cloud (Extension updated to support AEM 6.4 and Hybris 5 (default) and maintains compatibility with Hybris 4
- Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Connector open-sourced to support AEM 6.4)
Yes via open source via GitHub.
Magento Commerce (Supports Magento 2.3.2 (default) and compatible with Magento 2.3.1).
When to use Limited use-cases: For scenarios where small, static catalogs may need to be imported Preferred solution in most use-cases

Deploying Other Implementations


For information about concepts and administering eCommerce implementations, see Administering eCommerce.

For information about extending eCommerce capabilities, see Developing eCommerce.

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