Keyboard Shortcuts when Editing Pages

Various keyboard shortcuts are available throughout AEM. Some apply when editing pages, others to the use of consoles.


In the following tables, for the key combinations in the Shortcut column, both Ctrl and Command keys work on macOS.


Multi-select on a desktop device:

  • Windows: Ctrl+click on required components.
  • Mac: Cmd+click on required components.

Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

Location Shortcut Description
Edit Mode Ctrl-z Undo last change.
Ctrl-y Redo last change.
Shift-Click Select multiple paragraphs.
Ctrl-Click Select multiple paragraphs.
Ctrl-C Copy selected paragraph(s).
Ctrl-X Cut selected paragraph(s).
The cut paragraph will not disappear until it has been pasted to the new location.
Ctrl-V Paste paragraph(s) from clipboard.
Alt-Ctrl-V Paste as reference.
Super-Del (fn-delete) Delete selected paragraph(s).
Cmd-Backspace Delete selected paragraph(s).
Alt-right-click Force default (browser) context menu.
Note: AEM context menus only occur in the classic UI.
Ctrl-Alt-c Shows the client context.
Rich Text Editor
Content Finder - Search box down-arrow Trigger a suggestions list. Needed when too few characters have been entered to trigger the list automatically (this happens when 2 or more characters have been entered).
(on a suggested path)
Select item and trigger suggestions for the selected path.
(on a suggested path)
Select item and trigger suggestions for its ancestors (as in siblings of parent).
(on a suggested path)
Select item and trigger search.
Esc Close suggestions layer.
Content Finder

Drag assets, drop on destination.

The drop action produces a new paragraph; instead of replacing the asset in the destination.

Various keyboard shortcuts are also available for desktop users when using the consoles.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Development

Additional keyboard shortcuts are available for desktop developers when using the page editor.

Location Shortcut Description
Edit mode Set the following suffix in the URL:
Then use:
To see timing statistics for page loading.

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